How Do You Envision Comfort?

What comes to mind when you think of something that makes you feel surrounded in comfort? Is it a warm shower, a walk on the beach at sunset or solitude with a good book?

When I think of comfort, my mind envisions my dog, Faith, on her side, nestled on our bed. Her long, velvety ear sticks out. I snuggle beside her and nestle my cheek on her ear. As I relax against her soft fur and smell her faint doggy aroma, my day’s stresses drain away.

Faith drifts into a deep sleep, not a worry on her mind. My nap is slower in coming. Everything crying out for completion by the day’s end refuses to allow me a break for refreshment. I consciously focus on Faith at rest. Little by little the pressures release their hold on my thoughts and allow me to join her in dreamland.

No matter what you do or think to bring comfort to you, the one common perspective is peace. You can’t feel the comfort of someone or something unless you are familiar enough to have a sense of peace.

Whatever brings your comfort, is temporary. A warm shower turns cold, the sun vanishes or the book comes to its conclusion. One peace always brings comfort. Having a relationship with God brings peace of mind. No matter where we are or what we are doing, God is right there with us. In our thoughts, we snuggle close to Him and He comforts us.

To me, knowing He is always with me brings me even more comfort than a nap cuddled around my sleeping Faith.

What brings you comfort?

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