Speaking Topics

As an author, speaker, and warrior, Joan speaks from her heart, as she informs, shifts paradigms, and motivates listeners to action.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) has confined Joan to a wheelchair for many years. Yet her faith allows her to live virtually limitless. Then there is Faith, her retired service dog along with Giles, her successor, who work together to metaphorically teach Joan how to live by faith day after day.

A Matter of Faith

Learn life lessons through hilarious, humbling, and heart-warming anecdotes featuring Joan’s service dog.

The Life of a Service Dog

Walk through the process of finding, training, and using one of life’s greatest treasures for a disabled person.

Roll a Mile in My Chair

Be inspired by Joan’s story from cane to scooter to wheelchair and the resulting perspective shifts that have increased her faith – and will challenge you to grow in yours.

Joan’s professional, friendly, and warm demeanor enables her to connect with audiences. The uplifting content of her programs delight, entertain and inform.

Tony Crocamo, President of White Rose Toastmasters, York PA